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December 21, 2014    

Welcome to Troop 101's Scouting program. We meet Thursdays from 7-8:30pm at Trinity Church (23 Main St.).

Be sure to check out our calendar and the Troop 101 News section below for all of our Upcoming 2015 events. As always, don't hesitate to contact us any time.

Also, check out the Registration Tab (top horizontal menu) for the latest in online activity sign-ups. This page will be updated as permission slips become available.

Important Dates

  Christmas Tree Pickup
  Jan 10, 2015

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Christmas Tree Removal
The town-wide Christmas Tree Removal sponsored by Troop 101 will take place on Saturday, January 10, 2015. This service is designed to provide Northborough residents an easy and environmentally-friendly method of disposing of their Christmas trees while helping to fund the troop activities. This is the fifteenth year of the fundraiser.

To be added to our pick up route signup online by clicking the link below.

All those who have signed up must leave their tree near the curb before 8 a.m. on Saturday, Jan. 10, 2015 along with $8 (per tree) in an envelope on the door. Cash and checks (made out to "BSA Troop 101") are accepted. Additional donation welcome.

Sign up now for Christmas Tree Removal!

Medical Forms
   As we start a new school/Scout year, I am currently going over the medical forms. I will be sending emails to those scouts and and leaders who have medical forms that have or soon will expire. I would like to get everyone converted to the newest forms over the next year. The new form is currently on the website, or I can email a copy or the link to you.

Please as always make sure the forms are filled out completely. Form A should have both Scout and parent/guardian signature and date. Form B should have all vaccination dates written on it as well as any medications taken if applicable. Form C must be filled out by the physician, signed and dated by the physician. Please also include a front and back copy of the insurance card.

If your son (or yourself for leaders) has a physical coming up its a good idea to bring a copy of form C with you to have the doctor fill it out then.

Any adults who plan on attending any troop activities will also need medical forms on file with the troop as well.

The new forms have less pages and are more streamlined.

Any questions, please call, text, or email me.
Nicole Moses

Permission Slips
General Info   In order to improve the accuracy of our trip planning, we are asking that all participants signing up for any camping activity to register via our Troop 101 website first. By doing so, you will be helping us accumulate accurate participant counts used in making reservations, purchasing food, and other trip plans. After registering on line, please remember to print out the related permission slip and related packing list. The completed form along with the required fee should be submitted at the next troop meeting. We will try to have a computer available for sign ups at each Troop Meeting. Thank you.

Scout Closet
    Hi Parents, Just a reminder that I am available for scout purchases and trade ins anytime by phone or email. You can also use the scout closet order form to order the items you would like and I will bag them up and get them to your son at the following weeks meeting

I do work from home so I am happy to help you out on off times as well. We have a number of used items available right now and are looking for more. If you have outgrown scout items at your home we hope you will consider donating them to our recycling program. In return we will issue you a small credit to be used for your own scout closet purchases. We are looking for Class Bís, uniform shirts, pants and shorts, hiking boots, scout hats, and anything else you think might help another scout. When donating please put in a bag with your sons full name so I can issue them their scout closet bucks. Thank you to everyone who has been sending things in!

I will be at the Court of Honor for both purchases and donations.

***We are now also trying to help cub scout troops in town. If you have any cub scout uniform items you can donate it would be greatly appreciated there are some boys in town currently in need!

Thank you!
Sherry Clark

Baden-Powell thought for the day:
The sport in Scouting is to find the good in every boy and develop it.

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